Econotech Orient Smart Air Conditioner 1 ton

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Product Code: Econotech Orient Smart Air Conditioner 1 ton
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EconoTech is one of the most efficient air conditioners available today. With the introduction of smart technology this machine can interact with you through your home network as well as from anywhere in the world through your smart phone. With more cooling and functionality this air conditioner is the face of modern technology.


State of the Art
Air Vane Technology

Apart from special structure design and microcomputer control, Orient air conditioner series owns unique rotary air vane technology. In cooling mode, air vane is opened counter clockwise. Cool air blows out horizontally and then falls down by gravitation. Thus room temperature is quickly and evenly achieved.


Low Noise
Air Flow System

Without decreasing the flow volume, the large diameter cross flow fan can greatly reduce the indoor unit's noise by lowering fan speed and thus creating a quiet and comfortable environment for you.


Sleep Mode

This function enables the unit to automatically increase (cooling) or decrease (heating) 1C per hour for the first two hours, then holds steady for the next 5 hours, before stopping its operation. It can maintain the most comfortable temperature and save energy.


Turbo Mode

The turbo mode helps in achieving lowest temperatures in minimum time.


Auto Restart 

When the power is off and then it gets on again the unit automatically restores the previous function settings.


Heat Exchanger

Compared with conventional models, Orient air conditioners adopt multi-bend exchangers. It helps increase the heat exchange surface so that it improves efficiency.


Auto Temperature 

The ceiling temperature is often higher than the floor temperature. This function can automatically eliminate the temperature difference between them.


Anti Rust 

Made from electrolytic zinc steel sheet and anti-rust coated components, Orient air conditioners' outdoor unit is rust-free even in areas near the seashore.











Inner Grooved Copper Tube Technology

Based on Japanese technology Inner-grooved Copper Tube gives instant cooling even in extreme temperatures of up to 53?C. Inner Grooved Copper Tube is engineered specifically to enhance the cooling capacity of the Air Conditioner and keeps you cool in the scorching heat of the summer.


Cross Flow Fan Design

When the power is off and then it gets on again the unit automatically restores the previous function settings.


No.1 Nationwide

Orient has successfully gained the trust of its customers and within a short span of time it has become the largest selling Air Conditioner company in Pakistan. Advanced technology, state of the art assembly line and special emphasis on Research and Development has helped Orient reach the top.


Energy Efficient

Energy is the most efficient and critical resource for the world today. Orient Air Conditioners are designed from a consumer's point of view making them not energy efficient but also environment friendly. Our energy efficient products are a testimony to our advanced technology and dedicated team of professionals



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