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    auto restart after power restored


    The function permits automatic return to previous operation conditions after a sudden power blair conditionerkout.


    child lock


    Avoid the child's wrong operation on the remote controller.


    concealed LED display


    When air conditioner is off,you can't see the display screen, which looks like part of the panel.


    easy clean(indoor)


    The panel is easy to wash and the airflow vents can be detair conditionerhed without any special tools for quick cleaning of the inside of the air conditioner.


    Intelligent airflow


    In winter&summer, the airflow is derected downwards&upwards during the heating&cooling process for fast air conditioning of entire room.


    super quiet mode


    just press the button "power/soft" twice, you can get lower noise condition.


    comfortalble sleep mode


    The temperature and noise can be adusted to a more comfortable level during sleeping at night.


    dry function


    Make the room dehumidifying in the room when the unit is working in the "dry" mode.


    24 hours timer


    use the timer function to set on , or off, or from on to off, or from off to on etc, within 24 hours


    evaporator self-cleaning


    Adopt the latest generation of hydrophilic aluminium foil, when the air conditioners is in the refrigeration or dehumidification mode operation, the dust on the evaporator can be removed with the condensation water, when shut down after dry evaporator to be on the purpose of evaporator


    Inner brass screw high efficiency exchange heat


    Haier adopt high efficiency second groove inner brass scres technology, enlarging the area between refrigerant and brass, improving the efficiency of heat exchanged up to about 30%-50%


    auto mode


    According to the fixed temperature 26℃(under cooling) or 23℃(under heating), the unit will adjust the operation mod

    Turbo Cooling
    Instant cooling just a push away, press" turbo" button on your remote controller and enjoy instant cooling.

  • Long Air Throw
    Powerfull blower give you long and strong air flow, Feel the cool wind in every corner.

  • Low Noise
    Lower noise 32db give you the feeling of quiet cooling.

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