Dawlance H Zone Sereies Refrigerators

Brand: Dawlance
Product Code: Dawlance H Zone Sereies Refrigerators
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* Dawlance H-ZONE Series Refrigerators:


Dawlance Monogram Series Refrigerator are 9175wb,9188wb,91996 this series deferentiate it with others due to its beatiful designs in refrigerators and economy price.This Series design keeping in mind the demand of pakistani consumer the usage capacity is 10% wider than other refrigerators

  • Beautiful and sleek handle design for user convenience.
  • 10% Access user capacity than other refrigerators
  • Faster Cooling
  • maintain cooling in power breakdowns
  • Dawlance H-Zone Series Refrigerators
    Model Capacity Litre/Cubic feet Dimensions Family
    9175 350/12.4 603 x 1511 x 595 mm 6 Persons
    9188wb 425/15 650 x 1569 x 625 mm 8 Persons
    91996 525/18.5 725 x 1699 x 625 mm 8 Persons

    Relax During Power Fluctuations

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